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The Bazach Levona
The Bazach Levona The Bazach Levona

His Descendants

Eliakim ErnstLea Ernst
Lea Ernst and her husband Eliakim
Yette KohnRav Simcha Kohn

Rav Simcha Kohn and his wife Yette
Rav Eliezer Kohn

Rav Eliezer Kohn
Tzirel KohnMoshe Eliahu Kohn

Tzirel Kohn and her husband Moshe Eliahu
Rav Yehuda Wottitz

Rav Yehuda Wottitz the husband of Rachel
Meta KohnRav Shmuel Kohn

Rav Shmuel Kohn and his wife Meta
Rav Shlomo FreidmanEsther Freidman

Esther and Rav Shlomo Freidman
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