Rivka (Silberstrom) Bloy

Birth date: Cheshvan 19th (22/11)

Her husband: Perets Uriel Bloy  

Fifth generation of the Bazach  
Sixth generation of R' Shmuel the father of Bazach  
Sixth generation of R' Moshe Buschitz  
Sixth generation of Wolf Weikersheimer  

Her parents:

Her father: Rav Eliahu Prets Silberstrom
Her mother: Reizel Shoshana Silberstrom  

Her children:
1. Shalom Dover Bloy
2. Baruch Yehuda Leib Bloy
3. Chaya Mushka Bloy
4. Israel Refael Bloy
5. Menachem Mendel Bloy
6. Chedva Fradel Bloy
7. Rachel Tamrel Bloy
8. Chaim Uri Bloy
9. Yeshaayahu Bloy
10. Hadasa Esther Bloy

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Rav Binyamin Ze'ev (Wilhelm) Kohn

Rav Simcha Simon Kohn

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