Yoseph hy"d Bischitz

Murdered in the Shoah        

Grandson of R' Moshe Buschitz  

His parents:

His father: R' David Bischitz
His mother: Sarah Sali Kati Bischitz  

His children:
1. Sarah hy''d (Bischitz) Cohen
2. Yechiel (Gyula) Bischitz
3. Esther Edith (Bischitz) Breuer
4. Moshe Tsvi Bischitz
5. Miriam hy"d Bischitz
6. Yechiel hy"d Bischitz
7. Mordechai Emil Bischitz
8. Ya'akov Shmuel hy"d Bischitz
9. Binyamin Ze'ev Wili Bischitz
10. Zisel hy"d Bischitz

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