Natan (Neta) hy"d Donat

Birth date: 5636 (1876) (Vac, Weitzen, Hungary)
Date of death: Sivan 26th 5704 (17/06/1944) (Auchwitz)

His wife: Merel (Kohn) Donat  
Murdered in the Shoah        

His parents:

His father: Avraham Yehuda Donat
His mother: Frumet hy''d (Weil) Donat  

His children:
1. Mordechai Donat
2. Avigdor Chaim Donat
3. Eliezer Zusman (Ludwig) Donat
4. Tila hy''d (Donat) Baras
5. HaRav Eliahu hy"d Donat
6. Yitschak Ya'akov (Jeno) Donat
7. Moshe Donat
8. Shalom Donat
9. Meir Mikshau Donat
10. Binyamin Ze'ev hy"d Donat
11. Yoseph Donat

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Was a Spouse of
R Shmuel Kohn's descendant the father of the Bazach Levona
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