Tzurtil Chana Leah Roth

Birth date: Tishrei 22nd (09/10)

Seventh generation of the Bazach  
Eighth generation of R' Shmuel the father of Bazach  
Eighth generation of R' Moshe Buschitz  

Her parents:

Her father: Binyamin Yitschak Roth
Her mother: Chaya Dina Roth  

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Rav Binyamin Ze'ev (Wilhelm) Kohn

Tzirel (Cilli) Kohn

Tsvi Yehuda Hersh Leib (Leopold, Liput) Kohn

Yocheved Hevy (Kohn) Roth

Yehuda Leib (Leibish) Roth

Binyamin Yitschak Roth

Tzurtil Chana Leah Roth
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