Leah Caroline Lina hy''d Fleishman (Fleischmann) Tauber

Birth date:

Her husband: Rav Shmuel hy"d Tauber  
Murdered in the Shoah        

Great-Granddaughter of R' Moshe Buschitz  
Great-Granddaughter of R' Moshe Buschitz  

Her parents:

Her father: Moshe Fleischmann
Her mother: Bonya Bela Fele'e Betti (Adler) Fleischmann  

Her children:
1. Levi Leopold Tauber
2. Sarah Lote (Tauber) Vidor
3. Yoseph hy'd Tauber
4. Hendel Ilona hy"d Tauber
5. Simcha Simon hy"d Tauber
6. Baruch Tauber
7. Moshe hy"d Tauber
8. David Tauber
9. Menachem Tauber

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