Name: Alan Sholto
Very interesting.

Name: Pali & Leah Kohn, Southfield MI
You have done an outstanding job. The whole mishpacha is greatly indebted to you for all your brilliant work. Thank you very much

Name: Dr. Anat Chorev
I must mention my great impression from the organization and the idea behind the project of BAZACH. Except for that it gave me a picture of the whole family, it for sure will be something that I will pass on to my children.

Name: Netanel Schochet
I want to thank you for the undertaking this family project. I am certain that it has involved a tremendous amount of work and effort, and may your reward be in turn.

Name: Tanya Lindsay Oakshett
I liked your introduction very much indeed. It was excellent because it was so comprehensive and evoked the curiosity of the reader. In fact, the whole book left me wanting to know more about everything. In my opinion, your work certainly relates to all "types" of Jews. I am so pleased that Yoseph has encouraged you to carry it out. I found the work to be enlightening in terms of "purist" thought, the inner kernel of Jewish ethics. It made me very happy to know that even throughout much persecution in thousands of years, the Jewish laws, traditions and beliefs are maintained thanks to certain special people like Rav Wolf. In addition, it is you who are very special indeed as you have managed to bring these thoughts down to the modern reader. Without you such a wonderful philosophy would be lost to history.

Name: Ze'ev Wallerstein
You've got a beautiful website.

Name: Sharon Einat
I would like to commend you on your intense and admirable work. Your impressive research is no doubt the fruit of many years of labor. We are simply astounded and very moved. First of all - heritage. We all share the same heritage, even if our ways of life are different today. We all share the same roots. It is not a question of will, choice, or culture. It is simply a matter of concern. To know your origins and to become aware of another world - a religious world - is in my opinion important and rewarding. It is fascinating even for people who are not related to the family, but especially for family members.

Name: Ilan Kosman
This website is very important, especially for the young generation, because it endows them with the heritage of the chain of the generations.

Name: Moshe Ze'ev and Chaya Shafer
It is immediately apparent that great labor and tremendous effort went into this site! We commend you on a job well done and wish you continued success.

Name: Sapir Cohen
I love both the book and the website. My father's great grandmother was Tzirel, my great grandfather was Yosef Kohen, my grandfather is Aharon Kohen, and my father is Yosef Kohen. I am Sapir and my brothers are Shani and Tohar.

Name: An Anonymous Descendent
As a descendent of the brilliant author, I was very comforted to discover that many people I am acquainted with on a daily basis are in fact my cousins . . . We were very pleased to discover photographs of aunts and uncles we were unaware of on your site. Much success in your continued work, and thank you for the book.

Name: Yaakov Yaffe
To our very dear cousins, I received the book Bazach Levona in the mail just this morning, and I am still overwhelmed by this wonderful work. Thanks to you, what was for so long a concealed manuscript has now seen the light of day. Thank you very much.

Name: Moshe Levin
I looked through this enlightening book and I am simply overwhelmed by the praiseworthy job you have done, R' Harel. May God bless you and give you strength. It is apparent that tremendous labor was invested in this special project. This book brings me much happiness, both because it has helped acquaint me with our great ancestor, and also because it has helped me become aware of other descendents, like you for example. Many thanks for your painstaking work.

Name: Rav Israel Yonatan Silberstrom
I am the descendent of an illustrious dynasty through my grandfather, the brilliant and pious Rav Aharon Mordechai Silberstrom. We live in the heart of the EU district in Brussels, Belgium, and carry on our grandfather's heritage by establishing orthodox educational institutions for Torah-observant families, the number of which is ever growing (thank G-d!), under the leadership of the dedicated emissaries of Rav Menachem Mendel Schneerson of Lubavitch. We would be happy to host any family members for a short or long visit in Belgium. Even if you are just stopping over for a few hours between flights, our institutions and the Chabad House are just ten minutes away from the Brussels International Airport. You can contact us by email. Shannah Tovah VeMetukah (Have a good and sweet New Year).

Name: Yitschak Levinstein
Absolutely wonderful! We were very happy to receive the book, and, God willing, we will soon delve into its contents. Gmar Chatima Tovah (May you be signed and sealed in the Book of Life).

Name: Ganit and Dror Kedmi
I wanted to thank you for the enormous task you have undertaken in all that concerns our family's history. The book reached us one evening, and it came as a complete surprise. It is very moving, and I believe that if you had not taken this project upon yourselves, we would never have been aware of the family's history. It gives us a sense of renewed belonging and connection with our past, not to mention a sense of pride to be descendents of such ancestors. It's such a shame that my father did not live to see it. It warms the heart to see such a long list of relatives, the existence of whom we were unaware. We assumed that almost nobody had survived the war, yet it turns out that some of our parents indeed survived, and we are once again on the map.

Name: Chanan Merari
I cannot believe that such a web site exists. I just now became aware that I am a sixth-generation descendent of Bazach Levona . . . together with most of my family . . . a really meaningful and incredible site.

Name: Ruthi Molner
Difficult and challenging work, and you've done a great job! The site is wonderful, very clear, and user friendly. It is very moving to see the family tree. It is very important to hand this down to our children and grandchildren.

Name: : Moshe Aharon Oiash
Congratulations on the beautiful and meaningful work. Although I am not a direct descendent of the author, I am as you have taught me a relative. I am the grandson of his brother, R' Rafael Kohen. At any rate, I am very moved by the material, and I have learned much from your work and information. May the merit of our forbears protect us.

Name: Binyamin-Nachum Silberstrom
I enjoyed visiting the site. It is a pity that people do not send photographs of all of the descendents. I will try (G-d willing) to send pictures myself and embellish this wonderful family.

Name: Binny Baum
Thank you very much for the beautiful Sefer you sent my family. It is something we will hold very dear to us. Binyomin Baum - USA, NJ

Name: Chany Ostreicher
I would like to say THANK YOU so much for this amazing website and the sefer you recently sent us. It gives us a glimpse into our holy and rich heritage. I am exploring all my relatives through the site and I am so saddened by the many beautiful children who were killed in the Holocaust hy"d. May we only bring nachat to Hashem by following in the Bazach's footsteps. Thank you again!

Name: Tsvika Cohen
Families related to Bazach Levona: Surely there are about girls in the family that graduated Chareidi seminars and aged between 22-26 and have not yet found their Shidech. We can help you find the Shidech. Interested, send a personal details and telephone number to: KOHEST@WALLA.COM This post was published here by a descendant of Bazach Levona with webmaster approval Harel Kohen.

Name: mendy roth
mendy is studying in belz yeshivah in jerusalem his birthday is 7 adar when he will be turning 17 years ke"h

I stumbled upon your web site looking for information about my family, called - I believe that we are related because the famous Huminer line comes from Breina Rivka Zeldovich Huminer, and my family descends from her brother Yehoshua Zeldovich

Name: Tsvika Cohen
Families related to Bazach Levona: Surely there are about girls in the family that graduated Chareidi seminars and aged between 22-19 and have not yet found their Shidech. We can help you find the Shidech. Interested, send a personal details and telephone number to: KOHEST@WALLA.COM This post was published here by a descendant of Bazach Levona with webmaster approval Harel Kohen.

Name: yehuda Klausner
I have to find out how they relate to the SOFERs and the SCHREIBERs

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